From preparing the site to completing the work, we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding quality services, no matter if you need roofing, foundation repair, or exterior painting. We take the time to review all construction plans, go through the challenges of finding all the necessary materials, and fulfill all specifications required by the state of Massachusetts.

When working with G & B Group Construction, we always provide you with an accurate estimate of your project. By presenting you with a timeline, answering all your questions, and giving you a detailed list of everything that we will be doing, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your project is in good hands. From remodeling work and new home construction, to interior finishing and siding, you can trust the experts at G & B Group Construction in Sudbury to provide you with quality craftsmanship every single time. Call today!

Our Services:

Home Remodeling

Our experienced crew can handle any home remodeling project from start to finish. If you want to add on to your home or renovate a room or two, give us a call today.

New Home Construction

If you’ve been saving for years and are ready to start building your dream home, G & B can help. We can manage your new construction from initial development to the final touches.


We have the equipment and expertise to clear and excavate your new home site. We’ll make sure everything is properly dug and that construction can begin on time.


Laying a good foundation is key for any new home. Our team will make sure the footings are correctly poured and the foundation is solid before framing begins.


No matter what type of layout and design your new home has, our crew can provide experienced framing services. We work quickly and efficiently to get your home framed and ready for cladding and blueboard.

Roofing and Siding

Once your home is framed, we’ll get to work on the exterior, placing new siding and roofing. If you want to re-roof or re-side your current home, we can help there as well.

Interior and Exterior Painting

If you need interior and exterior painting services, we can provide professional work that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Plumbing and Electrical

No new home would be complete without proper plumbing and electrical wiring. Our team knows how to properly pipe and wire your new home.

Blueboard and Plastering

Blueboard is a bit different than standard drywall, and our construction crew can handle the placement and installation of your blueboard and plaster.

Architectural Design

You have grand ideas for your new home or addition, and our architectural design team can help you realize those ideas. We can provide complete interior design and finish services.