The exterior of your home can say a lot about your personal taste, and you want your house to be a color that you like and is appealing to visitors and passers-by. The interior is where you spend most of your time, and you want it to have colors you enjoy and that work well with your home decor. If you’ve recently purchased a house and need exterior and interior painting services, G & B Group Construction is here to help. As your painting contractors, we’ll make sure the inside and outside of your home are adequately prepped, primed, and painted to your satisfaction. We proudly serve Sudbury and the surrounding area, and can create a painting plan that works with your schedule and budget.

Choosing the Right Colors

Homeowners can spend countless hours looking through paint swatches, trying to find the right color for their house’s exterior. Our team of experts can help you narrow down your choices, and will help however they can with choosing the main color and any trim colors. The color you decide upon should also work with your architectural design and any outdoor features on your property. The interior colors you choose should work with the design and purpose of the room. We want your home to feel cohesive and match your personal taste. We also want the color to last for many years, and we take the necessary steps to prepare the interior and exterior for new paint.

If your house is looking and feeling a bit outdated, or the previous owners painted it a color that you simply cannot stand, call G & B today at (978) 567-0722. We’ll discuss the best approach for painting your house, and when the best time will be to begin the project.

We look forward to giving your home’s interior and exterior new paint and new life!