When you’re building a new home, your first impression of the progress that’s being made comes from the exterior of the house. During initial framing, it can be somewhat difficult to tell what shapes the walls and rooms are taking, but after a few weeks, you can see the layout of the interior and how the final floor plan will look. At G & B Group Construction in Sudbury, we take care of every aspect of interior finish and design, including drywall, painting, textures, and more.

The interior of your home is obviously where you’re going to spend the most time, and it’s important that it looks and feels finished. We’ll work with you on textures and colors for the walls, as well as crown moulding, door frames, and baseboard finishes. The final touches are what make your house feel like a home, and we’ll discuss each option with you. If you have a unique request, or decide that you want to change something before we install it, we’ll gladly alter the design and finishing plans.

There’s nothing like moving into a new home and knowing that every detail has been covered. You were excited when you saw the finished exterior, and we want you to be even more excited when you walk through the front door and see every fixture, door frame, and cabinet in place. Call us at (978) 567-0722 today to discuss your new home construction, and specifically interior finish and design. We look forward to working on your project and building your new home!